Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wire and Honey: Where cutenss and social change meet

Wire and Honey has become one of my favorite online/instagram store.  The shirts are cute with unique messages.  Started by a mom (Rah) who couldn't find "offbeat style" clothes for her adorable son. One of my favorite shirts is:

What an important message!! In this time that we are living in, with so much misinformation available, we need this message.  In fact, Wire and Honey came underattck because of these shirts.  In May, Wire and Honey's facebook account came under attack by hateful misinformed people.  Anti vaccinators started posting untrue and abhorrent messages.  Instead of attacking back, Rah donated a Super Hero Pack to UNICEF in their names!  That act is taking the high road to a whole new level and really solidifed my love for Wine and Honey.  

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