Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rainy Days

Perfect way to spend a rainy day. Legos!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I am a Marathoner

Certain characteristics are foreign to me.  Tall, brilliant mathematician, amazing dancer are just a few adjectives that I will never claim.  Marathoner was also included in that group of words. Until just a few weeks ago.  I ran a marathon! Me! Even I am in shock.

Friday, January 22, 2016


I have several passions including running, my kids, etc.  While training for this current marathon season I also started a Homeschool group.  My curious, vibrant LO needed more of an educational structure.  The thought of homeschool frightened me.  I am not a traditional teacher, and at first didn't know many other moms interested in homeschooling.  I researched, read and asked questions.  Our class formed.  Over time our group grew.  Now we are 9 strong.  Teaching children, especially your own, can be overwhelming but yet exciting.  But imagine 9 rightfully opinionated parents, moms specifically, all with the noble goal with providing the best education possible.  No small task let me tell you.  We are in our sixth month and still going through many growing pains. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chasing the Bling

This is my first attempt at a half marathon.  Before this last month the longest race was a 5K. A 5K!!!  Training started last March.  I wanted to start slow and easy.  After researching many training protocols I ended up with the Galloway program.  It has been working out well.  At first I was a bit disappointed that I was not training to run the whole half marathon.

Running is therapy

Starting my running journey was, at least in the beginning, challenging.  Surprisingly, coming from an active athletic background helped mildly. My journey began in 2014. My goal - to run one Half Marathon.  That Half Marathon goal snowballed into 7 Half Marathon, a 10 miler, 10K and a few 5k races.  I just could not help myself. Signing up for races had become an addiction.  Especially the sell out races.  You know what I mean.  You have to be at your computer at a certain time and a certain day.  Your heart is racing, fingers trembling.  That huge sigh of relief you expel when you finally get in.  Yes those races (ie Disney races).  While there are many similar sell out races out there, Disney takes the cake. 
My Disney love started long before my running journey even entered my mind. It is the Happiest Place on Earth! So if I was going to start this fitness journey I might as well do it at happy place. One crazy morning I decided to sign up for the Disney Half Marathon held every year in January. Rumor was that in order to sign up I would need to be at my computer sell day at noon. I was ready. My credit card in hand. Both RunDisney and Active websites up and ready.  Refreshing the page every 3 seconds. Then finally the registration form came up.  With lightning fast speed I typed every bit of information that was needed. And then like that...I WAS IN!!! Me! The girl who had never ran more than 3 miles was going to run 13.1 miles.