Monday, September 5, 2016

Best place to find vinyls: Radio-Active Records

Just fell in love with a store.  An old school indie record store.  The most amazing record store in Florida.  Radio-Active Records, located in Fort Lauderdale, has the biggest collection of vinyl records I have seen in Florida.

Almost every music genre is here.  Records from Ella Fitzgerald to AC/DC to Beethoven are available to purchase.  In fact you can listen to any record before buying.

One of my favorite parts about Radio-Active Records is the rummaging and discovering new music. You can happily spend hours digging through the record bins.

Radio-Active Records offers both new and used records for competitive prices.

In the corner there are two turntables to listen to records before buying them.

The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.  Whenever I am in the store they are helping anyone with questions.  Natalie was super helpful.

And awesome shirts are available!

Back of the store has parking spaces.  

Music trivia fact: Adrian Grenier's (Entourage star) band the Honey Brothers shot a music video in Radio-Active Records!

Shop small business and support your local record store!