Saturday, February 13, 2016

Texas trip - Mardi Gras parade

Going home can bring up a lot of emotions.  Some amazing memories flood back.  A few sad recollections arise.  But overall going home, for me, cleanses my soul.  Bringing my son to my old stomping grounds is important.  I want him to experience other areas, cultures, smells, etc.  Growing up in Texas makes me very proud.  My favorite saying is that I was born and bred in Texas.

During our last trip to Texas, we visited an area of Dallas called Oak Cliff.  Oak Cliff is an amazing and eclectic neighborhood.  We lucked out and attended an amazing Mardi Gras parade.  The Mardi Gras Oak Cliff parade was the perfect mix of New Orleans meets Texas.  Where is could you experience motorcycle Elvis, marching bands, dancing sharks, a pink dog car and pounds of beautiful beads! @oakcliff

 More details of our trip to Texas to come!

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