Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Cooking Channel

My free time is spent:
a) perusing cookbooks
b) watching the Cooking channel
c) checking out fashion that I know I will never be able to afford (If only Chanel would sponsor sites)

So I have discovered a new show called French Food at Home with Laura Calder.  Never been a french cuisine type of gal but I have developed a few interesting (yet simple) French inspired recipes after watching.  Ironically the soundtrack is what first drew me to watch - a quirky type of song. 

Anyway I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my professional life.  Inspiration prevails everywhere but I want to make sure I do something original and not even remotely similar to what is out there.  After leaving my professional life (which I spent my entire life obtaining) for a ... not thought out idea. 

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