Monday, November 29, 2010

The W list

Salvatore Ferragamo's creative director, Massimiliano Giornetti, launched the company's first viral social media campaign, entitled "The W list" after the brand's iconic W bag. We are asked to share inspiring stores of memorable destinations.  Quoting Giornetti: “With the technology of today, the W List was created to share stories that inspire ourselves and inspire others digitally as we travel the globe at a second’s thought.”

The contestant who ends up on top will receive a one-of-a-kind W bag, inspired by her story and locale. I would love to win and share my story with others.

My entry:

"When I travel the calm sapphire waters of the Nile, breathing air fresher than any beach I know, I spy the vast golden desert sand embracing the horizon. In Alexandria I see the stars shine brilliantly against the deep blackness of the sky. The thriving streets of Cairo remind me of NYC – a place that never sleeps. The sun kisses my skin as I visit the Valley of the Kings, and I am overtaken by the majestic pyramids that overwhelm the eternal white sands of the desert and whisper the passion of a world from long ago."


1. Just go to:

2. Scroll down to “Iris Saleh Inspired by: Cairo” (the more votes I get, the higher I’ll be on the list) and click “Vote”.

3. Please vote for me and pass this on to all your friends to vote for me! Its more than just a bag - I love writing about my country.


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